How to hide your drives in Windows

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Sometime we just want to hide the drive so we can store some personal photos, documents, etc. so no one can see it when they are opening “This PC”, specially when we are  giving our laptop to our family, friend, relatives.

In this post you will see that how you can hide your drives in Windows and no one will be even can think that you have such drive until and unless he is also aware of this thing. It’s just a quick few steps and I have explained in detail with screenshot attached.

Step1 :Search  Disk in your system you will see Create and Format Hard Disk Partition. CLICK there you will see below page:

Step2 :Now you need to right click on the drive which you want to hide. Let’s say we want to hide drive G named as “Files”. I will right click there and we will select option “Change Drive Letters and path” You will get below path .

Step 3: Click Remove and then Yes and ok. 

Step 4: Now you will see the drive will be hidden on your “This PC”. You can see here.


There won’t be any data loss and whenever you want you can unhide and use it. You need to click Add on step 2 and you will see the below popup as “Add Drive letter or path for FILES”. You need  to press “OK“.

In your “This PC” you will see the drive G. Check out below:

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